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Fully Integrated Direct Marketing

Savvier offers full service direct response marketing, product development, manufacturing and international distribution. We have the Direct Response expertise and financial resources to bring concepts to the marketplace successfully. Through our strategic partner, Sunwheel Direct Inc., we can provide high-volume low-cost Asian manufacturing.

While Savvier is developing products in all the major direct response categories, we specialize in fitness, kitchen, housewares and personal care.

For new products or concepts:

We work with inventors and marketers, and bridge the gap to maximize product appeal in the marketplace. We can evaluate the marketability (probability of success) of conceptual products. We are then capable of coordinating design, proto-typing, manufacturing and eventually licensing with the appropriate marketing and distribution companies. We can plan and fund manufacturing and marketing campaigns.

Please submit your product ideas for consideration.

For products you've already tested in the market:

Our creative division, Savvier Direct specializes in taking products that tested mediocre or failed, and turning them into winners. For the projects we take on, our typical result is a doubling of performance, and we've even enhanced performance by more than 10 fold. Crunchless Abs, Melt it Off and Flirty Girl are example turnaround projects. Or if you have a successful product that has been retired or is on its last leg of the campaign, then Savvier Direct can give it a new face lift to generate a second successful launch. BodyFlex Plus is an example project that resulted in a number one IMS show in 2003 and was based on a face lift of the original 1996 BodyFlex brand.

If you have a project that needs a turnaround, or a retired show that needs a face lift, then submit your project for consideration.

We provide a cost effective alternative for supply of your product, and welcome the opportunity to provide quotations. We have access to state of the art production facilities in mainland China.

International Distribution

Savvier is capable of marketing new or existing products through our network of international distributors. We can manage the manufacturing and coordinate distribution of product direct from the factory to our international distribution partners. If a product is successful in the US, we can double the sales volume with the international sales.

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