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PRESS RELEASE: February 11, 2004


Moulton Logistics Fulfillment Services Support Product Success

CARLSBAD, Calif., February 11, 2004 - "6 Second Abs" the latest product from Savvier, LP, the Southern California-based direct response firm, has achieved number one ranking among all infomercials measured by the Infomercial Monitoring Service (IMS) Indexed Media Ranking and by the Jordan Whitney "Greensheet."

The show, which has been highly ranked for several weeks, achieved number one ranking in the reports issued this week.

Representing a unique and revolutionary application of fitness science, 6 Second Abs combines form, tempo and resistance to provide better results in less time. The innovation has been granted U.S. and international patents, with multiple patents pending.

The infomercial, which was largely produced in house, features World Fitness Instructor of the Year, Mindy Mylrea, and Dr.Tom Seabourne, who holds a PhD in exercise science.

Fulfillment continues to be handled by Moulton Logistics of Van Nuys, California.

"Even at the high volume levels associated with a number one product, Moulton has executed flawlessly," said Keith Greer, Savvier's COO and chief financial officer. "For example, our auditors have just pronounced Moulton's accounting procedures to be the best they have ever seen in this industry. We're very pleased."

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