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PRESS RELEASE: April 29, 2003


Moulton Logistics Fulfillment Client Looking To Expand Internationally

CARLSBAD, Calif., April 29, 2003 - Since the February 7th launch of their first product via a revised infomercial, Savvier, LP, a newly formed Southern California direct response firm, has cracked the top ten long form rankings by both Infomercial Monitoring Services (IMS) and Jordan Whitney's Program Rankings in just a few weeks with its revamped effort for the Body Flex exercise product.

Body Flex is currently ranked number three by both IMS and Jordan Whitney.

While Body Flex has been available for several years, its current dramatic success is the result of Savvier's recent stewardship. Formed only last year by Jeff Tuller, President, and Jack Chang, Chairman, Savvier structured the new infomercial to feature the dynamic persona of spokesperson Greer Childers as she explains and demonstrates her new program of Body Flex breathing plus resistance training.

Backed by a guarantee of success, Body Flex is designed to appeal to women who want to lose inches from their figures and tone up their bodies. The Body Flex system consists of an exercise bar that provides resistance in conjunction with aerobic breathing. The package includes two instructional videos and is offered at $39.95 or two payments of $19.95.

Fulfillment for the revamped effort is performed by Moulton Logistics of Van Nuys, California.

"I don't know of many fulfillment houses that could react with this kind of sudden responsiveness," said Keith Greer, Savvier COO and chief financial officer. "It's to Moulton's credit that we were able to handle the explosive volume we experienced from a standing start."

Because of the strong success enjoyed by Body Flex since early February, Savvier is already looking to expand internationally, with plans to enter the market in 70 countries around the world. According to Tuller, Savvier is also readying a number of other products for direct response introduction.

"We don't spend a lot of time celebrating our current success," said Tuller. "Our business plan is to identify quality products that we believe will do well in the direct response industry and go to market with them. We want to build growth solidly and consistently rather than focus on the performance of a single product."

About Savvier

Formed in 2002, Savvier has quickly become one of the leading infomercial companies in the industry with expertise in product development, manufacturing, marketing and domestic / international distribution. Savvier has the direct response expertise and financial resources to bring concepts to the marketplace successfully. Savvier develops products in all the major direct response categories, the company specializes in fitness, kitchen, housewares and personal care. For more information visit

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