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PRESS RELEASE: December 20, 2004


Revolutionary Exercise Program Launches “At-Home” Version

CARLSBAD, Calif., December 20, 2004

Trend setters and fitness buffs across the country who have gotten hooked on popular fitness routine Gliding™ no longer have to visit the gym to get their fix.  The “at home” version of Gliding™ is now available for purchase at for. The kit includes Gliding™ Discs, three workout videos (DVD or VHS) and an Exercise and Diet Program. It’s portable, easy to store, and can be used on any carpeted surface.

Gliding™ -- a unique sliding disc exercise program that allows for smooth, graceful movements atop signature purple discs – was developed by Mindy Mylrea, International Fitness Instructor of the Year and former World Aerobic Champion. Gliding™ began taking the fitness industry by storm this summer, showing up in classes at top health club chains such as Equinox, Crunch, San Francisco Bay Club and Sports Club LA.

The regimen uses 9-inch discs to aid hands and feet in graceful, flowing movements, using your body weight to provide a full-body toning and sculpting workout, particularly for the buns and thighs. Gliding™ is a versatile program, and instructors are able to incorporate the discs into existing workout programs and classes to give them new energy and excitement (much like when elastic bands and resistance balls were introduced into the fitness industry).

Gliding™ movements are easy to learn and require no previous experience or knowledge of exercise routines, making it as attractive to novices as it is to fitness pros. In addition, Gliding™ offers a fun, low-impact new format without undue investment in bulky, expensive equipment.

“My goal with Gliding™ was simple, yet highly effective, movements” says Gliding™ creator Mindy Mylrea.  “Gliding™ transforms traditional exercises, such as a lunge, into smooth, graceful, low-impact movements. Additionally, Gliding™ allows you to do exercises that work the muscles in ways that would be hard to do unless you have expensive gym equipment. More and more Americans are now crunched for time and therefore looking for exercise options at home. Gliding is an easy, approachable and inexpensive solution for people looking to ‘do it themselves.’”

And it appears that Gliding’s creator is not its only fan. Early support from the fitness industry is virtually a who’s who of renowned, international master trainers.  Influential instructors such as Marcus Prolo, Group Exercise Manager of Sports Club L.A./Irvine and LaShaun Dale of Equinox in New York have both launched Gliding™ classes. Additional prominent supporters incorporating Gliding into their programs include: Rob Glick, Crunch Mission Viejo; Cheri Groom, The Spectrum Club in San Antonio; and Lawrence Biscontini, Golden Door Resort & Spa in Puerto Rico. The Los Angeles Times recently wrote of Gliding™: “Gyms must choose from an endless stream of new workout programs developed by industry veterans and wannabees dreaming of being the next Billy Blanks or Denise Austin. It’s a challenge…One program that’s made it through the gantlet is called Gliding™.”

Gliding™ is available for purchase at the following websites, just in time for the New Year:

FOR CONSUMERS: Gliding™ At-Home Version:  $19.99

Available online:

FOR INSTRUCTORS: Gliding™ Fitness Instructor Version

Available online:

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